Welcome to the Axign Footwear Online Shop. We provide orthopedic shoes and footwear accessories for everyday comfort and wellbeing of your feet. Our orthotic shoes and removable orthotics are podiatrist recommended and provide orthopedic support and comfort.

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Orthotic Technology

Our comfortable orthotic footwear range is suitable for providing relief to plantar fasciitis, foot pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, knee pain, back pain and various other pain conditions.

Our technology is recommended by podiatrists and other medical professionals.

Our footwear products are designed to give REAL Comfort & Support to get your feet feeling healthy, comfortable and pain-free.

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Axign shoes are available to buy online and at leading stores & clinics across Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia. Try a pair today to experience the supreme comfort and balance of Axign. Use our stockists map to find the nearest footwear store or clinic and try on a pair on to feel the difference.

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Axign is a leading brand, manufacturer and wholesaler of comfort footwear and orthopedic accessories. We understand need for quality comfort footwear for everyday comfort and wellbeing. Our aim as a brand is to deliver footwear products that are both constructed with the specifications of comfort shoes and can be worn on an everyday basis.

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