About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Axign Medical is to provide a Smarter Choice for footcare and orthotic products for everyone. There are too many products out there that are based on unsubstantiated claims and pseudoscience or are of poor quality to provide any benefits. 

Our products aim to improve the quality and fullness of life by restoring the foundation to the feet with quality footcare products developed from a thorough understanding of:

1. foot anatomy and biomechanics
2. shoe construction and engineering
3. modern manufacturing principles, ethics & ideals

Our comfortable orthotic footwear and footcare range is suitable for providing relief to plantar fasciitis, bunions flat feet, foot pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, knee pain, back pain and various other pain conditions.

Our products are recommended by podiatrists, physios and other medical professionals around the world.

Quality Pledge

Axign Medical is committed to provided the highest quality footwear products and accessories that can provide lasting comfort and wellbeing for your feet. You can rest assured that our products will be delivered with a high quality guarantee.

Our Values

Customer Service

We aim to provide the highest level of customer service to all our customers. We will be happy to receive your phone call and we will always respond to your email enquiries. Any payment, ordering, delivery and product issues can be directed to us.


We utilise our expertise in foot health, manufacturing and sourcing to bring the latest technology and innovations in footwear technology. Our aim is to sustainably supply and manufacture products with our eyes looking towards the future.

Health & Biomechanics

Our footwear products are designed with modern foot health and biomechanics principles. We work closely and consult with podiatrists, pedorthists and physiotherapists during the product development and testing stage. We apply this knowledge to develop and source footwear products that bring comfort and therapeutic value to your feet.

Our History

Founded in 2010

AXIGN (pronounced AK-SIGN) was founded in 2010 by a team of dedicated footwear specialists, medical professionals and product engineers in Melbourne, Australia.

2011: Signature Footbed Developed

In 2011, we developed the signature AXIGN footbed shape, and first applied it to the Axign FlipFlops and Orthotics range. The same year, these 2 ranges were launched into the market.

2012: First Warehouse

In 2012, we moved a tiny 90m squared location in Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia, our first office/warehouse complex. A big step up from starting in a garage in Carlton.

2014: Move to Huntingdale

In July 2014, we moved to our current location in Huntingdale, Melbourne, Australia – a much needed upgrade in warehouse size and office space.

2015: ARCHLINE Founded

In 2015, we founded the ARCHLINE brand of footwear products, our line of affordable and lightweight footcare products.

2017: TRIMSOLE Founded

In 2017, we launched a new brand of affordable footcare and foot health accessories called TRIMSOLE.